The Students Webserver

The Students website is a Linux webserver maintained for students in select courses offered by the College of Arts and Humanities and College of Sciences. The Students server's main goal in life is to store and retrieve student work.

Students hoping to access the students server can do so with the following credentials.

The URL to access any files and folders in your public_html folder follows this pattern:

For example, if my NID is jo123456, then I can access the file index.html in my public_html folder at the URL

If index.html is in a folder called assignment, then it can be accessed at

Ask your professor for more information about using the student server to complete class assignments.

You can use PHPMyAdmin to manage your database.

You can request a password reset to change your shell and MySQL accounts. You will need your UCF student card to do so.

Useful Tools

Connecting to VPN

In order to access a file directory on the Students webserver via SSH/SFTP, users must be on-campus or connected to the UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN). Off-campus users need the Cisco AnyConnect client to access the university VPN.

You can find installation instructions in the knowledge base article for UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access.

Additional Assistance

If you run into an issue that you cannot resolve, contact your professor with a detailed message including what steps you took and the errors you received. If your professor is unable to resolve the problem you are experiencing, then your professor can contact the Student webserver support team