About Us

Our Story

Catapalooza began as a local group providing the needs for some abandoned kittens, they then progressed the organization to become registered in the East Orlando communities. Educating the public on responsible pet care and finding homes for cats in need are important goals to Catapalooza.

Our Crew

Sara Livingston

Sara became the founder of Catapalooza Inc. when she came across some abandoned kittens that needed care. She was able to turn her passion for cats into a reality when she registered Catapalooza as a non-profit organization in the East Orlando area. Sara is commited to spreading information on proper pet care and finding homes for felines less fortunate.

Abigal Williams

Abigal became second in command when she helped Sara home the abandoned kittens. Abigal was able to spread the word about the kittens they found and found them their forever homes, since then Abigal has been able to home a plethora of ophan felines. Abigal has 3 cats of her own and occasionally Abigal fosters our cats to prepare them for their new home life.


7 days a week. 8am-7pm Summer | 8am-5pm Winter