Adoption Events

Happy New Year Catapalooza Family! To kick the New Year off right come join us on Sunday, January 5th, 2020 at Pet Supermarket (Colonial & Avalon Park) to fall in love with a new family member. At this event there will be cats ranging from Kitten to Senior and our ambassadors can help you find the feline of your dreams. We will be holding the event from 2pm to 5pm, bring friends and other feline finatics to join us in this New Year Event! See you there!

For those who are looking to meet some of our cats in person, please check your local pet store. We do not have space for our furry bundles of joy, so we asked for help from PetSmart and Pet Supermarket to expose our cats too more fur-ever home canidates. Big thanks to our local pet stores for helping out the community!

Feel free to message or call us to find the exact location of a specific cat.

Free Vet Events Orlando

Congratulations on your new adoption! Feel free to take your new member to Orlando Vet Center to recieve your vaccinations for free with provided paperwork is presented.

Head down to Pet Supplies Plus for discounted prices on shots and vaccinations provided by PetCare Mobile

Have some pet health questions? Bring them on Saturday March 3rd, 2020 for our webinar with Dr. Fredrickson at 5:30pm EST. Please RSVP by Febuary 20th, 2020

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Adoption Policy

  • Payment must be presented at the time of adoption. By adopting this kitten/adult/senior cat you agree to have read and abide the following below:

  • You have 14 days to take the animal to a veterinarian for a general physical and to aquire any and all vaccinations that your animal needs.

  • You are fully responsible for the care of this animal.

  • You will provide a safe indoor only enviornment and exercise proper animal care and ownership. i.e. providing food, exercise, and companionship

  • You agree that if you are unwilling or unable to provide proper care for the animal and its entire lifetime, you are to contact Catapalooza. Please give us 10 working days to secure a foster home for the animal. Once the animal is returned to Catapalooza, you agree to forfeit all ownership and responsibility of the animal.

  • You agree to accept the animal knowing that the change of conditions can cause vulnerability to the animals immune system.